James Lancaster

Parish Councillor for Village Ward (Sandridge)

About James

My name is James Lancaster and I am one of your local Parish Councillors in Sandridge.

I am a local businessman working within the Procurement industry whose interests include rugby and cricket. Originally from North Devon, I moved to Sandridge with my Fiancée in 2018.

I joined Sandridge Parish Council to help preserve and improve its wonderful open spaces, promoting our local businesses and pubs as well ensuring it maintains its village charm during any planning activities.

I plan to focus on maintaining our unique Parish whilst improving the existing amenities currently on offer, from playgrounds and open spaces to the Woodland Park and local transport. I would also like to work closely with The Woodland Trust on issues around Heartwood Forest.

I am always available to listen to any concerns or ideas of residents in the village and plan to have an open forum attitude in my role as Parish Councillor as well as playing a large role in promoting the interests of the whole community.

Get in Touch with James

Address: 8, Forest View, 35 High Street, Sandridge, AL4 9DD

Email: lancaster_86@hotmail.com

Phone: 07712 290 096

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