Mary Maynard

Mary Maynard is a District and Town Councillor for the Harpenden East ward.  She was delighted to be elected Mayor of Harpenden by her colleagues in 2014, and during her year in office promoted volunteering in the Town.  Her  background as a management consultant has given her the financial/accounting understanding to serve on the Policy and Finance Committee at Town and the Audit and Scrutiny Committees at District.  Her focus is on getting the best value for the public's money and delivering efficient and effective services. 

Mary's first degree was in Botany and she was a volunteer for many years with the Conservation Corps.  She  takes a keen interest in the many green spaces around Harpenden, being closely involved in the acquisition of Marquis Meadows, a welcome addition to the Batford Springs Nature Reserve.  She believes in conserving our precious green spaces, particularly the River Lea, which is a rare chalk stream fed by local natural springs.  Mary is also interested in Harpenden's history and represents the Council on the local History Society.  She is keen to establish a Harpenden Museum, which would explain and display some of the history of the Town, going back to it's Bronze Age roots.