A Christmas Update from Cllr David Barnard

Cllr David Barnard wrote for the Offley Village Voice magazine's next issue. Check out what he had to say below.

There are few moments that will live in our memories for a very long time. The Nationwide expressions of thanksgiving and remembrance for the ultimate sacrifices of our ancestors in World War 1 were unprecendented, and showed the overwhelming gratitude, not only of our Nation, but of the free world to this valliant generation.

We remember, not only those who gave their lives that we might live in freedom, but also the millions of unsung heroes who kept our troops fed and supplied, and our country stable in times of extreme hardship. We thank them all. The commemorative plaques in Offley and Cockernhoe will remind us of our debt to them all.

Christmas is coming! There’s all sorts of things going on, and I’m sure that you will read all about them in this issue. I’m looking forward to the expected visit of Santa to Offley on the 15th December. He is really excited to see the inaugural tree and lights, and hear the Carol singing!

I don’t think that this issue is the one to report all of the activities of your Councillors over the last month, let’s say that it has been busy, and enjoyable. More to report in the New Year!

So, it just leaves us to wish everybody a very

Happy Christmas, and a Peaceful, Healthy and Happy New Year.