Councillors' Comments

The District Council elections are complete, boxes emptied, and votes counted, and, as anticipated, there was a “protest vote” against the political shenanigans at Parliament level.

I would like to thank all who voted on local issues, and placed their trust in me to work on their behalf for the next four years.

After the election, I went to Pirton to see the Mayday celebrations, …and I felt almost as if I’d twisted and turned around the Maypole!

Irrespective of what goes on elsewhere, I see my job, with Faye, is to represent and fight for the best outcomes locally. This will not change, even though the “balance of power” has shifted at NHDC, and the uncertainty of the effectiveness of the future running of the Council is real.

We will know soon which way we will be led. I’ll keep you informed, of course!

You will see elsewhere in this issue, that we have been busy responding to Luton’s latest plans around airport expansion, commercial development adjacent to us, and so on.

There’s been a little more disruption in our lanes and village roads, due to re-surfacing, and top dressing. I hope that the works done will be effective and lasting!

Faye and I were invited to the “Grand Opening” of Offley Place’s super new Wedding and function venue. It is truly stunning, and will bring more visitors to our beautiful area, and continue to provide excellent employment opportunities locally.

In closing, we would like to welcome the new Parish Councillors to our Parishes. WE thank you for coming forward, and we look forward to working with you all.

Best wishes

David and Faye