Environmentally-Friendly Improvements Planned for Rothamsted Park

Plans have been submitted to use the soil excavated during the building of the new Leisure Centre in Rothamsted Park in projects around the park. This includes plans to enhance a nearby football pitch and strengthen flood defences.

This soil would have originally been transported in 1,500 heavy vehicle journeys to a landfill, but will now be retained for usage onsite, reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Harpenden West Councillor Julian Daly, who set up the project when he was the Cabinet member responsible, said, “I am delighted that this proposal has been submitted to retain the soil displaced from development works at the new Leisure Centre in Rothamsted Park.

This proposal improves the sustainability of the project and allows for otherwise wasted soil to be put to good use elsewhere in the Park. It massively reduces the number of trucks going back and forth, it will improve on the flood problems we have had and save hundreds of thousands of pounds.”