Update from David Barnard & Faye Frost

Councillors’ Annual Reports 2019

Once again, this has been a busy and diverse year at each Council level.

There have been, and remains, many issues which require constant attention.

Luton Council has given itself planning permission to build Century Park, a development of light industrial and commercial units, adjacent to Wigmore, and close to our boundary. This will, of course, encourage more traffic through our lanes into Luton. Joe and his team are working hard, supported by our MP and us, to combat anti-social speeding through the village.

The Airport, owned by Luton Council, has also been given planning permission, to itself, to alter the previous condition on flight noise thresholds, and increase the noise barriers by around 25% until 2024. They admit that only 3% of the current arriving aircraft are within the desired noise thresholds!

Add to that, Luton Airport is preparing an application to expand from 18 million passengers per annum (ppa), to 32 million ppa. (It was originally 38 million, but now reduced to 32 million, to fall below the threshold where they would have to invest many £millions in ground transport infrastructure!

Robust representations will be made to the Secretary of State, to protect our countryside, villages, local roads, and our residents’ right to a peaceful existence!

Our lanes are being “top dressed” to protect from frosts in the next couple of years. Potholes are being filled, bit by bit!

The Katherine Warrington School, the new school being built in Harpenden is progressing. Herts. County Council have pledged another £4 million to re-design the roads to ensure smooth access, and safety. No delay in part opening is anticipated, and a contingency is in place ….just in case!

£10 million has been secured to build a “Special Needs” school in Welwyn Garden City, and should be commenced soon.

Fly-tipping remains a constant blot on our beautiful countryside, and we support our Enforcement Officers to try to combat it. If you see it, report it, but don’t remove evidence which might lead to a prosecution.

Local election took place on May 2nd in North Herts., and I am grateful to have been re-elected to represent you for another four years, although the balance of power has moved at the Council.

The North Herts. Local Plan is nearing completion, and will be presented to Full Council later this year. This should then give our villages the desired protection against unwanted development in the future.

Faye and I have been happy to support financial grants to local clubs and organisations over the last year, and will continue to offer assistance whenever asked.

I could probably go on…but I will stop here. A great community, with a skilful Parish Council, makes us all enthusiastic!

David Barnard & Faye Frost