Dominic Griffiths

Conservative Candidate for Chesfield

About Dominic

My name is Dominic Griffiths and I am running for district council in the Chesfield ward. I live in Little Wymondley and I have lived in Hertfordshire my whole life. I am incredibly proud to live in this ward and I am passionate about continuing to develop this fantastic area. Since May I have had the privilege of working as a parish councillor for the Wymondleys, I have worked tirelessly to address the numerous parking concerns in Little Wymondley and I have been delighted to approve the funding for several exciting new local projects.  

Working as a teacher, I understand and value the importance of community and the need to protect our environment so that future generations can enjoy it, as we have done.  As a new parent, I fervently believe in the need to combat rural crime that unfortunately is becoming more and more common. We have the right to feel safe and protected in our local community. Vote for me to help me help this area to grow.

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